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Mariupil Freedom Square

Summer 2021

The first square in Ukraine that exists in real and virtual space

The Spirit of Freedom

In Mariupol a square unique for the whole world was created. The project of illumination of Mariupol Freedom Square won an award at the international lighting design competition "Lighting Design Awards" in Los Angeles. In addition, similar projects are planned to be implemented in the USA and Mongolia.

"Philosophy" of the square begins with the "Milan" mural. It depicts a girl who lost her mother and part of her leg during the shelling of the East Side neighborhood. The opening of the mural was timed to the International Day of Peace.

As noted by Deputy Mayor Alexander Kochurin, the square in the dynamics tells about the struggle for peace and freedom.

"Visitors are greeted by the monument "Confrontation", designed by one of the most famous Ukrainian architects. But any struggle for peace and freedom is not without sacrifice. Therefore, the next composition is a monument to the Warriors-liberators in the form of the Coat of Arms of Ukraine", - said earlier Alexander Kochurin.

Bronze oak leaves have been placed on the monument, symbolizing the fallen soldiers. Streams of water - "tears" flow down them.

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